I’m human, therefore I design. 

Design is basic human ability, like climbing or running. But on an expert level it comes with resonsibility.


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Emese graduated in 2021 from Interior Design at The Glasgow School of Art. She continues her studies in 2021/2022 on Design Innovation and Citizenship. 

She has a critical-analytical approach, unquenchable curiosity and a desire to understand how societies, cultures and economic systems interact and influence each other.

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working holiday // farmer’s market // backpackers’ subculture // hospitality


13 stalls, minimum of 48 guests - maximum of 100 guests

People are not getting rooms for money, but working hours.
I was mixing a farmers’ market with a hostel. People are not getting rooms for money, but working hours. Briefly, it’s the working farm holidays translated to the urban environment.

Potentially this could be a part of a working farm-holidays chain and supporting their business by providing a space to sell their goods in the city. In this case, the hostel guests are functioning as vendors and can mix with the citizencustomers. The city wins a farmers’ market with fresh products and interesting, foreign vendors with whom customers
can have a pleasant chat.

In my home country, Hungary,
farmers’ market open every day are embedded in the culture.

Shopping in a farmers’ market is a different experience than in a supermarket. Costumers love to collect
information about the food, the farm and circumstances in general.