I’m human, therefore I design. 

Design is basic human ability, like climbing or running. But on an expert level it comes with resonsibility.


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Emese graduated in 2021 from Interior Design at The Glasgow School of Art. She continues her studies in 2021/2022 on Design Innovation and Citizenship. 

Her professional interest is focused on design for social change, social design and design anthropology. She spends her free time with sports and politics. Because what sport is for the body, arts are that for the mind. 

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working holiday // farmer’s market // backpackers’ subculture // hospitality


13 stalls, minimum of 48 guests - maximum of 100 guests

People are not getting rooms for money, but working hours.
I was mixing a farmers’ market with a hostel. People are not getting rooms for money, but working hours. Briefly, it’s the working farm holidays translated to the urban environment.

Potentially this could be a part of a working farm-holidays chain and supporting their business by providing a space to sell their goods in the city. In this case, the hostel guests are functioning as vendors and can mix with the citizencustomers. The city wins a farmers’ market with fresh products and interesting, foreign vendors with whom customers
can have a pleasant chat.

In my home country, Hungary,
farmers’ market open every day are embedded in the culture.

Shopping in a farmers’ market is a different experience than in a supermarket. Costumers love to collect
information about the food, the farm and circumstances in general.