I’m human, therefore I design. 

Design is basic human ability, like climbing or running. But on an expert level it comes with resonsibility.


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Emese graduated in 2021 from Interior Design at The Glasgow School of Art. She continues her studies in 2021/2022 on Design Innovation and Citizenship. 

She has a critical-analytical approach, unquenchable curiosity and a desire to understand how societies, cultures and economic systems interact and influence each other.

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social housing // co-housing // Alt-Erlaa // Ernő Goldfinger // brutalism 


Research Summery

I was seeking that aspect which makes the difference between a successful and a disastrous example of brutalist social housing buildings. The topics I looked at:

  • history of Erno Goldfinger’s works in London
  • the social housing system in the socialist era in my home country, Hungary
  • the brilliant example of successful social housing initiative, Alt-Erlaa in Vienna
  • Capitol Hill Urban Cohousing initiative in Seattle

My research showed that the most crucial aspect that made the difference
between the Trellick Tower or Balfron Tower and the successful, also brutalist
Alt Erlaa is the development of communal spaces. The success and reputation of huge residential parks built in Hungary at the same time showed the same direction as well: the most prominent complaints were regarding the communal spaces, such as cultural or club units.


In my redesigned Ludo, the four characters are expressing the importance of the diversity of the dwelling community. They are standing in their flats at the start of the game.
 The goal is to take everybody into the community space which is intended to highlight the importance of a well-developed community space in apartment complexes that fundamentally contributes to the well-being of the residents.