I’m human, therefore I design. 

Design is basic human ability, like climbing or running. But on an expert level it comes with resonsibility.


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Emese graduated in 2021 from Interior Design at The Glasgow School of Art. She continues her studies in 2021/2022 on Design Innovation and Citizenship. 

Her professional interest is focused on design for social change, social design and design anthropology. She spends her free time with sports and politics. Because what sport is for the body, arts are that for the mind. 

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live project // branded space // retail design 


This design has won the Retail Expo Student Design Award 2020 in the Berghaus category and the Interior Educators Progress Awards 2020 in Live Projects category.

Berghaus wanted to stay loyal to their primary customers while they want to target a new, broader audience to gain profit and make their environmental and
pioneering attitude sustainable.

This retail design resolves the contradiction between the two target groups: the  native outdoor sportsmen who are interested mainly in practicality, quality and the technical aspects; and those who just started to get in touch with these activities 
and culture and are starving for experiences and fun. I’ve kept the atmosphere of the small good-working local outdoor shops and twisted it a bit.

Archive room celebrated the legacy of Berghaus by an exhibition about the brand history and with the Dean Street Collection, which is displayed next to it.
Berghaus has launched The Dean Street Collection which is a series of
redesigned iconic products of the brand. I love this collection not just because it’s aesthetically pleasing and fits the recent retro trends but because it made the brand alive. However, only with the archive context could I understand it deeply. As a potential customer, when I got to know the people and the stories behind was the point when I started to feel the emotional connection with this brand.